Xcode – pageview disables functionality of controls in right side of screen

I was optimizing my code to support both iOS 8 and iOS 7, and the app works perfectly in iOS 8. It was originally build only to support iOS 8 but I have been adjusting the minor settings so it should support iOS 7 as well. Now the only problem that I am expecting is that in iOS 7 – the controls in the bottom right corner are ignored. The home button in bottom left corner works without problems, and if I change the position of the two controls in the bottom right, to be bottom left, then they work as well.. It is like there is a “mask” on top of the right side of the page view controller. It is a book application, so the page view is made to supporting swiping between pages like a normal book app layout.

So baically what my question is, is if there is a way to remove this disabled overlay or if I should adjust some other settings to fetch these inputs? I have also tried to NSLog tap comands when the user hits the bottom right controls, but no logs are coming, only when the controls are in the left side of screen.

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