XCode ITMS-90035 – Code not signed at all

I recently made some changes to my iOS app.

Now I want to push the new files to iTunes Connect and I keep getting “ITMS-90035 Invalid Signature. Code is not signed at all.”

I found answers to similar questions here on StackOverflow but I there was no solution provided that worked for me.

Here is what I tried:

  • I tried to reactivate my certs / provisioning profiles to make sure they are valid and configured for deployment
  • I checked for .sh 7 .git files as mentioned here – but couldn’t find any
  • I checked my build settings as mentioned here
  • I checked for external libs but I’m only using GoogleMobileAds and GoogleAnalytics – both worked in my last submit (this issue was mentioned multiple times with different external libs)

Any idea where to search? Sadly iTunes Connect doesn’t give any feedback about which file makes the problems.

Source: ios

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