XAMPP, using port:81, cannot run localhost:81/mywebsite

XAMPP’s default port:80 is occupied by System.exe, so I have to switch to port:81, as this question suggested XAMPP PORT 80 is Busy / EasyPHP error in Apache configuration file:

After this change, I can access localhost:81/xampp and localhost:81/phpMyAdmin , as well as local files, like localhost:81/wordpress/Readme.html

However, I can not load other local directories in htdocs, can not install new wordpress site on my computer, and localhost:81/wordpress is auto referred back to localhost/wordpress , which is NOT FOUND

Here’s a list of what I tried and failed

  1. Change all localhost options to locahost:81, in C:xamppapacheconfhttp.conf , in C:xamppxampp-control.ini , in MySQL Database, Database Tables, root User, in wordpress wp-config-sample.php , wp-config.php

  2. I load localhost:81wordpress in Chrome and it is auto referred back to localhostwordpress , the result is NOT FOUND.

So I can not access to localhost:81/mywebsite because it is auto referred to the old localhost , and can not stop System.exe from using port:80. I searched almost every where, but the only solution I found is a mistyped mistake in wp-config.php – that is NOT my problem.

Plese help.

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