Writing this HTML Control in ASP.NET

I need to write this HTML Dropdown control in ASP.NET with the runat=server tags to retrieve its selection in the code behind. I’m a bit confused how to add the runat tags and make it an ASP control.

<div class="wrapper-demo" style="margin-left:0;">
          <div id="dd2" class="wrapper-dropdown-1" tabindex="1">
            <span>To :</span>
              <ul class="dropdown" tabindex="1">
                  <li> <a href="#"> Arabic </a> </li>
                  <li> <a href="#"> Bengali </a> </li>
                  <li> <a href="#"> Chinese </a> </li>
                  <li> <a href="#"> Czech </a> </li>

Can yall help out a bit?

Source: html

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