WPF Application – Reducing DWrite.dll/igdumdim64.dll CPU usage

I profiled my WPF application from two versions. The Views and ViewModels got tweeked a lot and I replaced a lot of code. Somehow the CPU usage of the application increased..

Performance comparison

I want to lower the CPU usage and started the Performance Analysis in Visual Studio on both versions. After this, I compared both reports and it did show the following top 5 (Exclusive Samples):

Performance comparison 2

I have no idea what this DWrite.dll means and what its function is.. The only thing I saw from the Function Details was the following:

Performance Function Details DWrite.dll

I saw that igdumdim64.dll is being used by Intel, so I guess I cannot reduce this. Any help is highly appreciated. I really want to know how to reduce the CPU usage of those DLLs. Does anyone know how, or how I can found out to lower this?

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