WordPress shortcode with an array

i have the following shortcode

function cta_button($atts , $content = null) {
      'cta_url' => '',
      'cta_buttentext' => '',
   ), $atts));
return '<div class="ctabox"><div class="ctacontent">' . $content . '</div><a href="http://'. $cta_url . '" class="ctabutton">' . $cta_buttentext . '</a><br style="clear: both;"></div>';
add_shortcode( 'cta', 'cta_button' );

If I use the shortcode in the editor with

[cta cta_url=http://www.domain.com cta_buttentext=This is just a test]Text[/cta]

the text “This is just a test” is to short/wrong. On the front end, it shows only “This”. The rest of the string is “emtpy”. “is just a test” is cut.

Can you help me?
And sory for my english 🙁


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