Window Store App on tablet, enable Virtual Keyboard with mouse

I am working on a bug of our games and after many days of researching, I still cannot found the any good solution for it.

Device for debugging is Window Tablet.

The application run on Window Store using Window Runtime 8.1. UI created by flash and all user interaction occur inside it. Note that we do not use window standard control, we draw our own control.

So to create a textbox, we draw a textbox in Flash (Lets call it FTextBox). Then we create another textbox control invisible for user (ITextBox). When the FTextBox is focused, we will focus the ITextBox respectively.

Now, if the user focus our textbox using touch or pen then everything is fine. The virtual keyboard appear and disappear when we want it to.

The problem occur when the user plugin a mouse and use it. Then the virtual keyboard stop appearing.

We know that this is the OS problem. It will disable virtual keyboard if user focus textbox using mouse. However, if after that, we touch and focus the FTextbox by hand, the textbox will be focused but the virtual keyboard will refuse to appear.

The only way to the virtual keyboard to reappear again is by touching the ITextbox with finger directly, which is not possible as it is currently hidden away from user.

We have been stuck on this problem for quite some time and we really need your help. Thank you everyone for taking time reading and helping us.

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