Why would down casting be a bad practice in C++ and not in another language?

I once asked a question about how to design a piece of C++ code (which can be found here C++ – Good or bad practice?) and people told me that down-casting is considered a bad practice except for very specific scenarios.

However i’ve seen many pieces of code in C# and Java where it seems to be a totally natural way of doing things. For example in android SDK, you have a function Activity#findViewById() that returns a View that you then down cast to it’s actual class :

TextView tv = (TextView) this.finsViewById( R.id.myTextView );

Why would this need to be avoided in C++ and not in other languages ? I know that C# and Java both support introspection natively, and not C++ which would require on kind of type field, but in the end it’s the same thing, isn’t it ?

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