Why protected method is not accessible from subclass?

Consider the following code snippets:

package vehicle;

public abstract class AbstractVehicle {
    protected int speedFactor() {
        return 5;

package car;

import vehicle.AbstractVehicle;

public class SedanCar extends AbstractVehicle {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        SedanCar sedan = new SedanCar();
        AbstractVehicle vehicle = new SedanCar();
        // vehicle //WON'T compile
        // .speedFactor();

SedanCar is a subclass of AbstractVehicle which contains a protected method speedFactor. I am able to call the method speedFactor if it is referenced by the same class. When the super class is used for reference the method speedFactor is not accessible.

What is reason for hiding the method?

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