Why can not get task from queue in Flask

I am using Flask to provide a web API.

When I handle web API request(api_Log()), I want to store some data into db. but I do not want to block web API return, so I want to store data into db as a async way.
So I put data into a Queue, and in another threading to get data from Queue.
worker is thread function.
When running, I can get put queue size, 1, but worker queue size, 0, it seems in thread, it can not get queue, so there is no data store into database.
I copy these code to a single py file, and run, it can works fine.
What is the problem? Thanks in advance.

taskq = Queue.Queue()

def api_Log(id):
    data = id
    print 'put queue size', taskq.qsize()
    return 1

def worker(work):

    while True:
            print 'worker queue size', taskq.qsize()
            task = taskq.get(True, 1)
            print 'Get Task'

            print 'Store data into database'
        except Queue.Empty:
            # There is no task now, wait or exit...

            print 'Wait for task...'

Source: python

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