Where is Python storing /thisdir on Windows?

I have a script that I was writing only having Unix/Mac OS in mind.

Among other things, it is storing files on a given folder

data_path = config.data_path

testfile = urllib.URLopener()

    local_size = 0
    remote_size = int(urllib.urlopen(remote_name).headers['Content-Length'])
    if os.path.exists(data_path + temp_zip_name):
        local_size = pathlib.Path(data_path + temp_zip_name).stat().st_size
    if  local_size != remote_size:
        print 'downloading ' + temp_zip_name
        testfile.retrieve(remote_name, temp_zip_name)
        #local_size = pathlib.Path(data_path + filename).stat().st_size
        print 'skipping ' + temp_zip_name

Given that I was coming from UNIX, the data_path has the value

>>> data_path
Out[3]: '/data/cew/'

Interestingly, the script still is working under windows. My files are there as expected:

>>> os.listdir('/data/cew')

However, I have no clue where that is. Is Python saving these somewhere in my user directory? Naturally, this folder doesnt exist. Trying to cd /data/cew gave me an error in Windows’ cmd.

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