What would be the best way to track Github account activity via their API?

So i after searching through various resources over the internet I have come to a point where I need a third opinion.

The problem statement : I would like to integrate my user’s github account activity inside app. I would mainly like to alert my user when events occur under his github account, such as when a repo is created, deleted or pushed to or when a new user is added to a team or on organization.

So far, I am able to retrieve few of this events from the github developer API.


There are two problems with this.

  1. It doesn’t include some of the events such as when a repository is deleted.
  2. It doesn’t include the event source location/ip address – which is one of the most important thing that i need.

I know that, For enterprise domains github provides “audit-log” functionality which has almost all the information I need to achieve the resolution for my task, However these “audit-logs” are not exposed via the developer API. (Is this correct?)

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My questions are,

  1. What would be the best approach to get these events with their source location/country (like audit-logs) into my app.

  2. Is there a way to retrieve this audit-logs somehow? Are there any libraries available that may help?


Source: python

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