what makes this "aside" (in the body of the Q) be 100% height of body height?

Sorry for the unclear title,
I just can’t figure out exactly what I am asking..

I am learning a lot by seeing the source and “inspecting elements” on any website.

while doing so in this site (where I am learning HTML and CSS) I just failed to understand what makes the <aside> on the left have 100% height of the body.

it has no rule for “height”, and it’s content is not big enough to make the div expand so much… (it’s content covers maybe 10th of the total height..).

to make it clear which part I am talking about, take a look at the following pictures:

this pic is just to show you where in the doc to look for:
the source of the guilty aside

and this pic shows the aside in the rendered page (the aside goes all the way down to the bottom of the scroll… please see it in the site to understand a little better :
enter image description here

hope you can help me figure it out 🙂

Thanks a lot

Source: css3

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