What does the client do in Command Pattern?

enter image description hereI am reading the headfirst design patterns book.
I observe that the client is shown analogous to a hotel customer, who creates an order(command) object, the waitress(invoker) picks it and calls its execute() method which in turn calls the chef’s cook() method(cook=receiver)
In the command pattern class diagram, I can see client is associated with Receiver as well as the ConcreteCommand class. I am unable to get the example because in real world, a customer is not supposed to know about the cook and set the instructions for him. Other concern is that in the command pattern class diagram, I observe that Client is not shown associated with Invoker, but in the attached java program I can see the Invoker reference in the Client class.
Totally confused about what Client module does in the command pattern. Clear about the rest 4 modules.

Source: java

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