Wesite search returns result, more information’s with prepared sqls?

I’m trying to get some information’s about created accounts on a website. This website offers a domain called search.website.com where you can search accounts which come with the entered information’s.

For example i’m visiting the following site:

this would return the following:

var arrResultInfo = { "hasnext" : "", "hasPrevious" : "", "offset" : 0, "pageSize" : 20, "pageCount" : 1, "totalRecord" : 1,    "resultSize" : 1    }; arrResultSet=[ ["swagg_ma_blue",0,""]];

Could I somehow get more informations from this site with some sql’s using prepared statements like the following?

select user_id as userid, username, age,is_minor as isminor, gender, email_address as email ,zipcode, country_code as countrycode, friend_count as friendcount from USER_SRCH_TBL WHERE is_enabled = !FALSE

Source: sql

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