Virtualbox loading wrong box / random id’s loaded

My setup: Windows 7, Virtualbox 4.3.20 and Vagrant

Every morning, I come to work and fire up my pc. I then use git bash to vagrant up. But once in a while (had it the past 3 days). Vagrant up triggers the creation of a new box. this because virtualbox seems to have no notion of the box it created the day before (or even month before). I only use 1 vagrant box.

In virtualbox itself, there is a list of my machines, One new one (created by vagrant up not findind the existing one) and the other is marked as ‘Inaccessible’. It has a random name/id that was not on my system before. The box that was there before pc-reboot still exists in file-system, but has to be re-added to Virtualbox.

Once that is done, I have to edit all my vagrant files to set the correct id, then everything works again.

Any one any idea what is going on? How come virtualbox messes up big time?

Source: windows

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