Using AngularJS to generate PDF objects

I have an angular controller that fetches json from my server and dynamically shows them. The code is:

    <div ng-controller="myImgController">
      <div ng-repeat="img in imgs">
        <div ng-repeat="i in img">
          <img ng-src="{{}}"/>

How can I replicate this in terms of dynamically generating markup to show pdfs within the browser. The current code is:

    <div ng-controller="myNewPdfController">
      <div ng-repeat="pdf in pdfs">
        <div ng-repeat="p in pdf">
          <object ng-attr-data="{{}}" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="100%"></object>

But i’m having problems as ng-attr-data / ng-src does not work in respects to changing the source of the pdf document. Just in case you were wondering, the is the url of the pdf.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Theres a lot of stuff out but I thought i’d make a clear question for other people with the same problem.

Source: javascript

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