Use form within a form? Ways to create a demo

I am creating a wordpress theme, and inside the admin panel I am creating a live preview of a search box. The user can style the search box directly from the admin panel. It’s a very basic html code:

<li class="epurus_nav_search">
<form class="search_form">
<input class=nav_search_input" type="search" name="s" placeholder="Search..."/>
<input type="button" class="nav_search_submit" value="Go"/>

Now I noticed, that the entire admin live demo itself, is already an entire form field, so I can’t use the above <form> (it breaks the websites when a form is inside a form). I have replaced the form tag with <span> however it often gives different css results than the form tag.
I am seeing all kind of different behaviours between the demo and the front end of the website. Paddings, margin and line-heights are all totally off, even though I have set them all to 0 or some other value.

Is there anyway I can use a form within a form, or is there another tag that comes close to <form>?
I am open to any tag such as span, div or even javascript solutions. The one thing I can’t do, is move the HTML chunk outside of the admin form.

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