Update existing row mysql linq

I have html page with table. When I change field I need to re-save existing record in table.

public int SaveTask(TimesheetListModel task, int userId)
    var worklog = new tblWorkLog();

    if (task != null)
        worklog.AccountId = userId;     
        worklog.WorkDate = task.Date;
        worklog.Note = task.Note;       
        worklog.TaskTitle = task.Task;



    return worklog.WorkItemId;

This function saves data to table tblWorklogs and returns me id of record. But when I updating record, I already have id of record and I need to find this record in table and update fields. How to do this? I wrote begin function:

public bool UpdateTask(TimesheetListModel task)
    /* If update succefull must return true */
    return false;

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