Unable to use UX Studio with java7 – upgrade to java8 not neccessary

I just want to share one way to overcome this problem if you can’t install java8 on your machine.
Since this occurs only because SSL certificate is switched to TLS1.1 you could still use java7, just one file should be copied from java8.

Replace the default trusted keystore file – carcerts, with new one found in java8. This is how it can be done:

  1. Locate file named “cacerts” inside java7 lib directory,
  2. Rename it ( for a backup ),
  3. find the file with the same name used by java8,
  4. copy the file found in java 8 to java 7

This method doesn’t necessarily means you install java8. You just need to find the file carcerts which can be copied from a machine that has it installed, or you can unpack the downloaded archive. It is the fastest way to solve this issue. I have just tested this and it works.

Source: eclipse

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