unable to telnet to oracle service only from my client

I have installed Oracle 10GR2 on a linux box. And I am trying to access from my client. My client and the oracle server are in two different networks and hence I got the access enabled in the Network Firewall for my client ip on that IP and port.

 But I am unable to telnet the oracle server ip on that port. And on discussing with Network Security Firewall Team, they are getting deny messages from the server on accessing the port 1521 from the server.

telnet my_oracle_server_ip 1521

 My oracle service is running on 1521 port only. And I switched off the iptables, selinux on the oracle server. I also switched off the firewall on my windows 7 client. Moreover, I found my colleague is able to access from his machine the database and tables of that oracle server.

 Could anyone please suggest where exactly the issue would be? Do I need to add my client IP anywhere in Oracle server's configuration file as in pg_hba.conf for postgresql? It is urgent. Please suggest.

 Thanks in advance.

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