Unable to load library issue with external dependencies

I have created a C++ *.dll in VS 2013. This runs fine on my development machine, however is throwing an error when run on a clients machine.

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Here is the cpp file.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "EasyDLL.h"

using namespace System;

double WINEXPORT EASYDLL_GetServerDateTime(int clientServerTimeDiff)
    System::DateTime clientDateTime = System::DateTime::Now;
    System::TimeSpan duration( 0, 0, clientServerTimeDiff );
    System::DateTime serverDateTime = clientDateTime.Add( duration );

    String^ strTemp = serverDateTime.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmmss");

    double result = double::Parse(strTemp);

    return result;

I believe the reason is, the external dependencies don’t exist on the client’s machine.

I don’t have much experience with C++.

Lead up to question:
When you compile (and I’m just compiling in debug at the moment), there is a whole bunch of header files in the external dependencies and a dll (mscorlib.dll).

The mscorlib.dll exists in the same place on the client machine, so I’m kind of discounting that as the problem, but the headers do not exist.

Do I need to ship these headers off with the dll I’ve created or should they be compiled into my dll?

Here’s a screenshot of some of the external dependencies. Most of them seem to be in the project by default when the project was created.
enter image description here

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