Two device hotspot on android

I’m trying to use two phones in my car as a reversing camera. I have the software but the problem is I can’t get it to work using two phones but need to run a third as the hotspot gateway. I can’t seem to communicate with the phone running the hotspot. One machine is running a http server (similar to IP webcam app) and one is running software to access the web server (in this case a web browser). There is no internet component. I assume this is a security feature which is a shame. Oddly when setting up the hot spot the ip address of the hotpot device is given but not sure why if it can’t be used. Any ideas? I have tested this using HTC one, HTC DesireHD, Samsung galaxy camera and other various friend’s phones so it seems to be consistent not a odd feature of some type of phone. Android 5 has not helped either. Presumably one would need to root their device and do something? Any pointers to discussions on this subject would be very helpful.

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