trying to figure out the source of memory leak from dlls

One of our application (windows form application C++, MSVS 2010 )crashes after few minutes of usage. Task manager tells that the memory usage grows to 60% of total system RAM in just few seconds of the run.
I used Intel inspector to get any idea of memory leaks. I was expecting I will get a a list of functions that are creating problem. But what I got is only the dlls as can be seen in the following screenshot.

enter image description here

The application is using a couple of third party libraries such as those starting with Pv, OpenCv cdio, CAIO etc. As you can see the last one is an opencv library, and is occupying close to 400MB. (How is this possible ? )

Also the right panel shows different types of leaks which have occurred.

I want to pin point the memory leak code and correct it. What should be my strategy, what functions should I start looking into? Why the inspector is not giving me correct source code and just giving me dlls? I am sure dlls are perfect as these are used by millions of people.

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