True difference between pageContext.getSession().setAttribute() and pageContext.setAttribute()

I have been going crazy about resetting some validation error on one of my jsp pages. This is a project inherited from people I cannot reach anymore (dead or unavailable). I have a jsp page with lots of custom taglibs where further pages are added as tabs and the parent page has action buttons to open things like forms. There is a validation error and some configuration parameter being set/modified both in the tabs section and the parent page. But the interesting thing is that I can see the heavy use of pageContext.setAttribute(), session.setAttribute() and pageContext.getSession().setAttribute(). If my initial knowledge is right, pageContext is quite heavily used in servlet-based implementations. but how different things would be if I use those following three on my JSp pages to set attributes?

** Example Scenario (my problem): **

I have some attributes set in the parent page, which are also being set/modifed in the tabs page (embedded in the parent page). I want to remove them such that if there is a validation error, I will simply remove what I have in the tabs page i.e. next time the page will simply load those attributes from the parent page. Do I use pageContext.setAttribute() in the tabs page, but use pageContext.getSession().setAttribute() in the parent page?


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