Troubleshooting php [on hold]

I’ve learned the concept of procedural programming in PHP but I am struggling with Object Oriented Programming. My background is in telecommunications. I am very good in troubleshooting telecommunications issues and may be that’s why I am struggling with troubleshooting Object Oriented Programming.

In telecommunications you have to find out why there is no Internet or Voice Over IP connection and you start with the physical connection. You have a whole network map in your head and you usually start with the first physical connection of the client device. Cable? If not cable then proceed further. Closest router. If ok, then proceed further. And so on.

Now in PHP I have tried to troubleshoot an issue with duplicate tag which is caused by WordPress SEO (by Yoast) plugin which is installed on a Joomla website.
There is a method __construct in a file class_frontend.php. There is a function(method) in this class which returns $title. On some pages I get duplicate (meta) s an on some I get only one .
My idea was that the object’s ‘method -> title’ is executed twice and I tried to search for that. Looks like it is not called twice(but I must be wrong here because it must be called twice, since is displayed twice in the .

How do you actually troubleshoot issues in PHP. Where to start, what to know?

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