Trouble extracting cpio archive on different machine

I set up a backup script where I created a cpio archive of all my files, compressed and encrypted it, then split that into chunks and made checksums for them. I cat’d the files together, decrypted them, then decompressed them so I got back the original cpio archive (checksums were fine). I can spit out a list of all the filenames in the archive fine, and the filesize seems right, but I can’t decompress the archive. Doing so gives me

$ cpio -idvm <backup.cpio # using --insecure gives the same
/a/b/c: Can't create '/a/b/c'`

I don’t know what else to try. Decompressing using bsdtar gives the same result. I do remember successfully decompressing a test backup on the old machine where the archive was created.

Source: shell

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