The requested URL/was not found on this server – google/explorer, external connects

I have tried about 66 sites, several questions on each site/blog, checked the apache guides, and I am not getting anywhere 🙁

WAMP 2.4.9, Win 8, Web Expression 4

It works just fine on my localhost on this computer only. I want to get it to work on external sites. I have the green server icon, no errors in cmd, my localhost works from the base PC, my website can be access from the base PC. However, after scrolling through many sites, I still have the issue of not being able to access the website from other computers. I created the rule for firewall, I tried turning off Kapersky/allowing exceptions, I tried everything. I was thinking that my ISP may be blocking the port 80, but i tried 8080 and that didnt work either. I did port forwarding, revised my SQL and PHP configs so that they allow all from localhost, etc. (which I turned back because I didnt think that was the issue and security concern). Anybody have more ideas?

Source: apache

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