The Module "zkemkeeper.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DLLRegisterServer was not found

![DLL error][1]

As per the previous observation on Stack overflow i tried the following steps

A- Ran CMD Prompt as administrator and tried to register it.
B- As i need to use this DLL in .net code, i have made the changes in .net Tragetframe work as “x64″.
C- Tried using dependency walker as well. However, it shows that the dependent DLL are available and none are missing.
D – Tried unregister and re-register. However, during un-register dll it throws the same error.
E- Tried using Dump dlls as well. The dump doesn’t help me to fix the error.
F- Tried fixing the registry by using the software”Free Window Registry Repair tool” in case i have corrupted registries.
G- There was no option for me to go to Accessories-> Systems Tools – > Windows recovery and reboot the system.

OS – Details

MS Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise sever- 64 Bit

Kindly assist me here and let me know if you need any further information to be added. Feeling bit painful as its like a dead fish in the water.

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