Strange greeting in Windows welcome screen and Unchangeable folder Options of my Pc [on hold]

sir Good Day., I have some problem with my pc. it is running in win7 ultimate OS. x32.

The problem is. there was a virus before that got into my flash drive.
the virus turns my entire local disks into full of shortcuts… but aside from that I got some strange windows warning box. it appears at the windows welcome. it shows a windows warning, saying a greetings maybe.. Its language was in Indonesian so I cannot understand it. and also same with the common shortcut virus.. everytime I plug a flashdrive it converts all files, folders to hidden. and also makes a shortcut copy of those hidden files.

I already run a scan with esset antivirus8. but the antivirus just delete those worm and other viruses in the pc. but it failed to totally exterminate the virus. the local disk is still full of shortcut and my other files was still cannot be viewed. (its still hidden). I tried to go to folder option but i failed tweak it there. I think, there’s a script (i think) that prevents the folder options to be change. and more on it, the windows warning that is written in Indonesian languange that I mentioned before was still there on the welcome screen.

Now because of that I cannot access my things on my local disk….
Now my question is … sir is there any solution to this kind of problem?
Is there a way to stop the script keeping the folder option unchangeable? and how to remove a pop-up message in the welcome screen of my windows?

Source: virus

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