StackOverflow comment’s html anchor such as "http://SO/…#comment41994753_26699358"

I found SO’s comment can be anchored and difficult for me to understand the implement. The following link is an example anchoring a comment:


From my understanding about html, comment41994753_26699358 after # must be existed in the html page, but I did not find the id or name in it. When I read the source code I only find the relative source code:

<div id="comments-26699358" class="comments ">
            <tbody data-remaining-comments-count="0" data-canpost="true" data-cansee="false" data-comments-unavailable="false" data-addlink-disabled="false">
               <tr id="comment-41994753" class="comment ">

This snippet only tells me two relative and separated ids id="comment-41994753" and id="comments-26699358", the final anchor comment41994753_26699358 is generated from them? Or this is relative to the framework SO used?

Source: html5

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