Single Java Cache for multiple Application Server

We got multiple Application Server behind a Reverse Proxy. We want a single cache on another host which all Application Servers can easily use, thus the cache has to have some kind of network support. Furthermore the setup should be easy probably supporting docker, but this is not a must. The cache duration is about 1d. The API should be as easy and standardized as possible (JCache?).
In a later stage we want to prepolutate the Cache.

Which options do I have?

Background: In a first step we want to reduce load on the backend systems, which provides mainly SOAP Services. So we want to cache the SOAP response (JAX-WS). The cache hit rate will be probably about 25% in a first stage.
Later we want to use the same cache for JPA as well (we already have in memory caching enabled for each Application Servcer and use a Cache Coordination strategy).
To use even more caching we will need some sort cache categories.

Source: java

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