sfml-graphics-2.dll is missing from sfml lib folder

I’m new to c++ and sfml, and I’ve been trying to install sfml 2.3 on my computer for making games with c++ in code::blocks. I downloaded sfml and watched this video on how to set it up. I followed everything to the letter. When I tried to run the sample code from the sfml tutorial I got this error: This application has failed to start because sfml-graphics-2.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. I searched for solutions to my problem and found someone suggesting to move all the .dll files from your library into the area where the program would run. I went to my library folder in my sfml-2.3 folder, and looked for anything with a .dll ending. I found zero files with this ending. All of the files in this folder end in .a, so I watched another video on how to install sfml with code::blocks this video showed the sfml library folder with a number of files that ended in .dll I searched my computer for all sfml-graphics-2.dll files and came up with zero files again. I then downloaded every different version of sfml and couldn’t find any .dll files in any of their lib folders. Am I missing something, or do I just not have the .dll files, and if I don’t where can I get them? I’m running widows xp if that helps.

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