Set limit to IP for downloading content in static HTML site

My website is a photo gallery in static HTML pages. No php, sql or any scripts except Google analytics scripts.

I know that its not possible to fully protect the website content. There is many programs to download images in bulk.

But I want someway to limit a IP for a period of time/day when their/IP downloaded content reaches for example 1GB. (in .htaccess may be?)

I am using Cpanel in VPS and the website content is easily downloadable from image grabbers and there’s also no login functions in website. I dont know how to protect the images. So setting a limit to IP possible?

***I did searched before posting this question because same kind of questions have been asked before but they are all related scripts, php, sql, websites but not asked for a static html websites (I think so).

Thank You.

Source: .htaccess

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