server-side data push for web services

I´m a web programmer and I’m experienced in regular synchronous and asynchronous web services. So the normal way to get data from a web server is to request it (pull it) or to establish a permanent connection.

Now I’m asking myself if there is any possibility to run this the other way round so that the server pushes new data to the client without a previous request of the client by using native technologies like HTML5 and Javascript.

Summarized: I’m searching for a way to realise a server side push system what works with any modern web browser (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari,…) by using regular technologies like HTML5 and Javascript without any plugins or additional software.

The client should just listen for new data as long as the web site is opened and the only connection from the server should happen if new data gets pushed. It must work even through NAT or Firewalls.

Well main reason is to save server load and data transfer with many connected clients. Please also mind that not each push will be a broadcast, single client push must also be available.

Is this somehow possible or still no way to handle it without extra software?

Thank you

Source: html5

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