SAS XML-mapper Input length = 1 message

For one of my XML-files i get the following Message when opening the file in SAS XML-mappper: Input length = 1 (‘Close’ is the only button).

After generating Automatic XML mapping, I can run the program in SAS BASE, but I get a few errors:

ERROR: Some code points did not transcode.
occurred at or near line 1, column 2701665
ERROR: XML parsing error. Please verify that the XML content is well-formed.

All in all, I seem to get 3915 out of 3971 observations, which I suppose are dropped because of the Error. I have identified some of the dropped cases, but there doesnt seem to be anything strange With these cases. They look just like any other cases. I have no idea where to begin troubleshooting. Any ideas?

Source: xml

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