Runtime error ’91’ on visual basic for executing matlab .m file

I want to call matlab & at the same time run .m file from visual basic 6. but I’m getting this run-time error ’91’, variable not set bla bla. I’ve searched the internet to find any solution but I couldn’t. There is something wrong with my code, I don’t know what it is. can anyone please check & see what’s wrong?

 Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim MatLab As Object
Dim Result As String
Dim MReal(1, 3) As Double
Dim MImag(1, 3) As Double
Dim mat_exe As String
Dim mat_io_folder As String
Dim mat_m As String
mat_exe = "G:matlabbinmatlab.exe"
mat_io_folder = "G:FarinNew folder"

 mat_m = "Untitled.m"
FileName = mat_exe & " " & "addpath('mat_io_folder') & mat_m" & " -s1"
runmatlab = Shell(FileName, 1)
Result = MatLab.Execute("cd G:FarinNew folder")
Result = MatLab.Execute("Untitled")
'Calling m-file from VB
'Assuming solve_bvp exists at specified location
'Result = MatLab.Execute("cd G:FarinNew folderUntitled")

End Sub

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