Requesting monthly search volume from Google Adwords API C#

I have looked at other questions on here but I can’t seem to find a clear example or a visual studio project that I can just run after setting it up in the developer console.

I know that I would need to use TargetingIdeaService but how would I go by doing this? I am new to this API so could someone walk through each step?

I’ve looked at the following code:

TargetingIdeaSelector selector = new TargetingIdeaSelector();

selector.setRequestedAttributeTypes(new AttributeType[] {

Then setting the keywords:

RelatedToQuerySearchParameter relatedToQuerySearchParameter =
new RelatedToQuerySearchParameter();
relatedToQuerySearchParameter.setQueries(new String[]
{"bakery", "pastries", "birthday cake"});

new SearchParameter[] {relatedToQuerySearchParameter});

However, I’m still confused on how to go by this.

Note: Hardly used the front-end of Adwords.

Thanks in advance.

You could help in PHP also.

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