Replacing strings in file, using patterns from other file

I need to replace many strings in many files using other file with patterns (like databank of strings). It is for anonymizing files.


File #1:

*"Administrator";"512";"Built-in account for administering the computer/domain";"False";"False";"Administrator";"True";"True";"True";"S-1-5-21-3445027559-693823181-3401817782-500";"User";"OK";"23. 1. 2012 9:41:34";"20. 1. 2012 16:01:33";"10";"True";*

File #2:




So my dream output in File #1 will be

"**user2**";"512";"Built-in account for administering the computer/domain";"False";"False";"**user2**";"True";"True";"True";"S-1-5-21-3445027559-693823181-3401817782-500";"User";"OK";"23. 1. 2012 9:41:34";"20. 1. 2012 16:01:33";"10";"True";

Because content of File #1 is variable, using some regex didn’t work in my case. I try some grep finding, but it didn’t work too.

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