Replace element on a List of object retrived as property / public field

I’m trying to do simple thing – replace object on a list with another one, ‘more up to date’. The problem is the actual list is not getting updated. List is defined and stored in my ‘DataProvider’ class:

public class CountriesDataSet
    List<Country> b;
    private IXmlBinder xmlBinder;

    public CountriesDataSet()
        xmlBinder = new BasicXmlLoader();
        Countries = xmlBinder.Load();

    public List<Country> Countries;        

    public void Save()


And the usage is in another class, lets call it controller, where I store instance of my CountriesDataSet class. I’m trying to do the update there:

  var countries = countriesDataSet.Countries;
  Country country = countries.First(c => c.Id == id);
  if (country != null)
      country = newCountry;

I can see that country is replaced by new instance of newCountry, but no update on the countriesDataSet.Countries, what am I doing wrong? What would be correct way of approaching this problem?

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