Registering DLL and making sure that classes are refreshed

I have this ATL C++ DLL (used as ActiveX component) by the browser.

The problem I am facing is the registration and unregistration of the DLL as even doing

regsvr32 /u dllname.dll a class, let’s call it ScriptHost seems to get stuck in the registry or somewhere, as when the browser ScriptHost object in the Javascript side is used, it does not seem to get the changes from the DLL, although I can see from a LOG that the DLL was registered, the classes of the old DLL gets stuck, not sure where.

Then when in javascript (Active-X javascript) it is accessed like this

Script.NewFunction(blah, blah) it throws an error like this:

8944719,ScriptHost,   ERROR,RunInternal: Invoke Err=80020102
8944719,ScriptHost,   LOG,localTimer exception. err=Object doesn't support this property or method

What could be the problem (or root cause of this)?

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