RegExp name validation using hexadecimal metacharacters

I want to make a regex validation using hexadecimal metacharacters. the reason i decided to go this way it because i need only the greek language to work.

from i see that i need to use characters from 1F00 to 1FFF. however i cannot find what is going wrong.

here’s what i’ve done so far:

document.querySelector("#register input[name='first_name']").onblur = 

    /*RegEx about name*/    
    var str = /[u1F00-u1FFF]/g;
    var name = document.querySelector("#registerinput[name='first_name']").value;
    if (name == null || name == ""){
        alert("First name must be filled out!");
    else if(!name.match(str)){
        alert("Name must contain (greek)letters only!");

Source: regex

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