Rails submitting a form through ajax and updating the view

I want to update a form submit through ajax without reloading the page and update the view according to it. I tried the different methods and failed as i m new to rails.

Here’s the situation.

In modal

def new
    @new_entry = current_user.notes.build
    @words = current_user.notes
    @notes_false_list = current_user.notes.where(known: false).order("title").group_by { |note| note.title[0] }
    @notes_true_list = current_user.notes.where(known: true).order("title").group_by { |note| note.title[0] }

In view the form code.

<%= form_for @new_entry, :html => {:class => 'home-form without-entry clearfix'}  do |f| %>
      <%= f.text_field :title, placeholder: 'Squirrel', autofocus: true, class: 'title-field pull-left' %>
      <%= f.submit '', class: 'btn home-add without-entry' %>
  <% end %>

The create action

def create
    @new_note = current_user.notes.build(new_note_params)
    if @new_note.save
      @notes_list = current_user.notes.count
      unless @new_note.user.any_entry
        @new_note.user.toggle!(:any_entry) if @notes_list >= 50
        redirect_to root_url
      redirect_to root_url

and finally in the view i want to change

<p class="instructions count-instruction text-center">
      <%= @words.count %>

Spent a lot of time updating this with AJAX but failed everytime. Any there to help? Thanks in advance.

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