Python syntax to open gnome-terminal and execute multiple commands

I am developing a Auto install x2go script in Python (for ubuntu/linux especially)
i’v come to where i got an gnome terminal open with the command
os.system("gnome-terminal -e 'bash -c "sudo apt-get update -y ; exec bash"'")

it works fine, but now comes my problem.
i have to execute more than the one command in the same terminal window, but i cant figure out how to split or define two commands in the same line.
i have tried --tab -e [command] but it doesn’t seem to work with my previous syntax
os.system("gnome-terminal -e 'bash -c "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:x2go/ppa --tab -e sudo apt-get update ; exec bash"'")

i would be glad if i could get some help with this 🙂

Best Regards

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