Public IP Web Page "Connection Timed Out" When Connected To

Recently, I made a website server on my server PC running Windows 7. I used WampServer, and I configured it as follows:

  1. Download and install WampServer.
  2. Check http://localhost (worked).
  3. Program out the HTML files necessary.
  4. Put it inside of the ‘www’ directory (the default directory of WampServer for HTML files)
  5. Go to http://localhost to see if it worked (yes, it did). Then right click WAMP notification and “Put online”.
  6. Go to my main PC and go to http://[local-ip-of-server-computer] to see if it worked. It did.
  7. Now, I configured the httpd.conf to “Request all granted”
  8. Next, I went on ahead to port forward. My router is Frontier Netgear router.
  9. I went to (Frontier’s router addresss) > Firewall Settings > Port Forwarding > Add
  10. I selected “World Wide Web (HTTP)” and “OK”.
  11. Then I went to the menu and to “DMZ Host”. I enabled my server computer for that.
  12. With my main PC, I went on ahead to my public WAN IP mentioned on the router page. It didn’t work.

Whenever I try to load my http://[router-public-wan-ip], Google Chrome gets a “Webpage not avaliable. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”

I have port forwarded on my server PC’s Windows Firewall.
My httpd.conf is set to be on port 80. Also, I have changed my ServerName to [local-server-computer-ip]:80.

Can anyone provide any advice? Thanks.

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