Project Guidance – Chrome Extension to Synchronize Bookmarks

I am a newbie developer that thought of a project while in school. I would like to create a Chrome extension that does the following:

  • allows users to create a bookmark folder
  • Allows users to create user groups with access to a specific folder
  • Once an item is bookmarked in a user-shared folder, the page is
    visible as a bookmark to all users allowed in the folder

I am going through the Chrome extension guide on Google but I’m not sure of how to approach the pieces of this. I would really appreciate if someone can help me break down what I need to create.

I am not worried if this has already been done, it’s just something I’d really like to build over the summer.



users / research are telling me google doesn’t allow you to talk / share content between users

In that case, what if I was to modify the idea such that if I bookmarked something, the extension brings up a pop-up box that allows me to email it to someone? How would I break this down now?

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