Program with Protocol Buffer can’t get linked

I have a cpp file in which I am trying to use the message that I created with protocol buffer. However I keep getting that famous “undefined reference” error as follows:

undefined reference to PointMsg::PointMsg()

undefined reference to PointMsg::~PointMsg()

undefined reference to PointMsg::~PointMsg()

Here is the proto file that I have, Point.proto :

message PointMsg {
   required float x = 1;
   required float y = 2;
   optional float z = 3;
   optional string name = 4 [default=""];

   required string sender = 5;

After executing proto command generating additional files which contain the necessary functions, I try to use them in my component, which is another file. I give the include as #include "proto/Point.pb.h" and I use it as follows:

PointMsg pointmsg;

In the function what happens is:

void detectObstacle(PointMsg* pointmsg)
    // initialize random seed
    srand (time(NULL));

    // generate two numbers
    int x = rand() % 800 + 1;
    int y = rand() % 800 + 1;

    // assign the values to fields


    string sender = "obstacle_detection";



And here are the commands that use to build and link:

g++ -I $APR_INCLUDE -I $CMS_HOME/src/main -g -o obstacle_detection.o -c obstacle_detection.cpp

g++ -L $CMS_HOME/src/main/.libs/ -g -o obstacle_detection obstacle_detection.o -lactivemq-cpp -lssl -lprotobuf -pthread

And I get that error of undefined reference. I already spent a lot of time on this, couldn’t find any solution. People keep saying that I have to add the library at the end, well that’s not the solution for me.

Any help is appreciated.

Source: c++

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