Pointer to classes, No members available [on hold]

I am writing a program where one of my classes(called Dungeon) have a pointer to some class(called Player).
my first class returns this pointer to yet another class(called Game), and when I try to follow this pointer, it says that “No members available”

I am not sure which part of the code I should put here, since there is a lot of code in my project, but I will try to do my best.

Dungeon.h file have a private member declared like this

Player * m_player;

And a public function declared like this

Player* player() const;

The implementation of this function and function called addPlayer is as followed

bool Dungeon::addPlayer(int r, int c)
    if (m_player != nullptr)
        return false;
        m_player=new Player(this,r,c);

        return true;

Player* Dungeon::player() const

    return m_player;

Note that in Dungeon class, m_player is initialized correctly, since I can access
member functions of Player class and everything seems to work ok.

in Game.h private part I declare pointer to Dungeon class like this

Dungeon* m_dungeon;

And here is the functions that you need to know from Game.c file

Game::Game(int goblinSmellDistance)
    m_dungeon= new Dungeon();

    //Some code that there is no need to show

    m_dungeon=new Dungeon();
    int r=0;
    int c=0;

    m_dungeon->returnRandomAvailableCoord(r,c);  //does not matter what returns 



void Game::play()

    Player* p=m_dungeon->player();

    //Here is the problem. when I am trying to follow p to access member     functions of Player class, it says that there is no members available.

    //Some more irrelevant code here

So Basically in Dungeon class, I am able to access the functons of Player class
trough m_player pointer, but when I try to do the same in Game class, it says no members available

Source: c++

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