PHP Form Designer Linked to Database

I am building an app in PHP and have finished designing the database and am in the middle of mocking up the screen layouts before moving on to the actual app development.

One feature I am keen to include in the app is a form builder that includes the following features –

  • user can rearrange existing form layout (drag-and-drop)
  • all controls are linked to the corresponding field in the database, rather than just being generic SELECT / INPUT / etc
  • user can add new fields which would generate the correct field/table in the DB
  • potentially, include versioning to allow rollback to previous version
  • potentially, allow multiple “live” versions of the same form to allow for different access levels

I have foudn a number of generic form builders on the internet but they are all based around creating a form from scratch using empty controls which then generates HTML for copy/paste into the app/site. None of them allow for linking to a metadata store to generate forms on the fly.

Is anyone aware of any open source components or any frameworks that incorporate this functionality?

Thanks in advance.

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