Passing the value of selected option of dropdown value to django database

I am working on a Django project. I am making an HTML form (not using the Djnango forms). Now, I am able to pass the values of “text” inputs to the database using the “POST” method (just by giving the name to the input tag, and by accessing them from But I have problem doing the same when it comes to the response of a dropdown menu. I have a dropdown menu, from which, a user can select multiple options. Now, how do I detect the options selected by the user and pass them to so that I can add them into the database from there?

Here is the code of the dropdown menu.

        Enter City (hold Ctrl to select more than one)
        <label for="inputCity" class="sr-only">Select City to be shipped to</label><br>
        <select multiple class="form-control" id="optCity" name="city" required>
            {% for city in all_cities %}
            {% endfor %}

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